What is Death Rabbits?
Bucho (manager) Kanzaki at G-angel Records was a producer helping 3 junior high school students who dreamed of succeeding as idols, yet he misunderstood the idol situation and said, “in order to survive this era of idol conflict, I have to rise up and do something!” And with his special death voice and hard core sound as a weapon he formed a new unit!!!
This collaboration between the fully armed Bucho, who is a man aged around 40 and 190cm tall, and junior high school idols is truly something to leave people scratching their heads!!!
Witness a farcical performance unfolding on the stage of hotly contested idols!!!


Yuzu Okawa
November 24th, 2000

Forced to become a member of Death Rabbits while being fed the dubious line of “Because I want to make your dreams come true!”
She keeps on giving performances full of energy using devilish charm as her weapon, even while having doubts and distrust about what Bucho says.


Emi Mochizuki
January 5th, 2002

The youngest member of Death Rabbits.
Despite her petite size, her overwhelming singing ability and smile mesmerize audiences.
She became a member when she was quickly duped by Bucho’s words of “because I’ll buy you your favorite strawberries.”
However, he apparently still hasn’t bought her strawberries yet.

Karin Yasui

Karin Yasui
August 19th, 2000

A “my-pace” kind of quiet character, just as she looks. Apparently, she just realized one day that she’d been made a member. After she was pulled into that peculiar environment, one after another people end up being addicted to her performance. Surprisingly, she’s really good at giving the Bucho a hard time with words and actions that get right to the heart of the matter.


Akira Kanzaki
January 7th, 1978

The Bucho (manager) of G-angle Records.
Decided to become a Death Rabbits member for some reason, even though Death Rabbits is an idol project. Staff around him are often bewildered because his ideas and remarks are very strange. Loves soba (buckwheat noodles) and sesame shochu (Japanese spirit distilled from shochu). Gives a performance with his own special death voice, plenty of shouts, and doesn’t overly stand out, but his movements on stage are not pretty, probably because of his habitual drinking every night.